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Farrier's Formula®

Roseann F.

I have used Farrier’s Formula® for over 20 years and highly recommend this product. It works fast, and the result will be strong healthy hooves. My 33-year old large pony looked like she had the hooves of a 2-year old. Our family’s racehorses were always on Farrier’s Formula®. Farrier’s Formula® will give you the peace of mind that you’re providing the best for your horse’s hooves.

- Roseann F.




Ward the Wonder Horse

Ward is my eyeless horse, that competes in Mounted Shooting. Soon, he will become a therapy horse.

I started feeding Farrier’s Formula to Ward in October of 2018. At that time, his hooves were, to put it frankly, a hot mess. His hooves were incredibly soft and had vertical cracks. He was also blowing abscesses through his coronary band and the overall shape of his hooves was terrible. He was, and still is, barefoot and gets trimmed about every 8 weeks.

We tried one hoof supplement, and my farrier wasn’t pleased. Then we started him on Farrier’s Formula with regular trimming every 4 weeks. The Farrier’s Formula helped his hooves grow enough to ensure that my farrier had enough hoof to trim every 4 weeks. His hooves began to take a new healthy shape in a matter of 2 trims.

Since we started using Farrier’s Formula, his hooves are rock hard. No more random abscesses or hoof cracks. My farrier has been able to trim his hooves into a much healthier shape. Now he only needs trims every 6-8 weeks and could go much longer if needed. Getting his hooves in better shape also allowed his body to get in better shape. He quickly put on weight, and I could tell he was better mentally too. Farrier’s Formula has also helped him maintain a healthy shiny coat, even through the winter.

I’m so happy with how well Farrier’s Formula has worked! He gets the exact recommended amount (no more or less) and it lasts for quite a while. It’s easy to feed and he never refuses. I will never take him off it, and I will always recommend Farrier’s Formula! 

- Maggie H.

Ward Before and After



Tina B.


I bought Indi (race name Balendi) in October 2015. He is a Thoroughbred, who finished his racing career at the age of 3. He was born November 2011. When I got him he had just started his re-education after being turned out for 6 months. His hooves seemed healthy although maybe a little soft.

In the beginning everything seemed fine. He was ridden in the arena or in a grass paddock with the occasional ride in the forest. Our property gets a little wet under-foot over winter and Indi developed seedy toe. I did notice that his toes were becoming longer and that he was getting lower on his heels. Then Indi's shoes started coming loose and over a few months it got to the point where he would only keep shoes on for 2-3 weeks before he would lose one in the paddock. It was time for a change of

My new farrier has been awesome. He recognized mechanical laminitis straight away. It was decided to take the shoes off Indi and to completely re-grow his hooves. He was very sore after the first trim and he had a couple of months off with no work at all. His front hooves were growing too slowly so my farrier recommended Farriers Formula® which I promptly bought.

By the next trim 6 weeks later we could already see an improvement. Farriers Formula® has encouraged growth and I also think that it has helped his coat. Indi has always had a lovely shiny coat but I have recently noticed that his tail is getting thicker and shinier. I will keep supplementing his feed with Farriers Formula®. It has really helped with the growth and overall health of his hooves, so much so that I am hoping to keep him barefoot once this whole process is over. You will see from the photo that we still have a while to go. Indi is almost back in full work although only in the arena and on grass. It is still too soon to take him on the road and into the forest.

Tina B. 
Swan Reach, VIC 

Mrs. Voss and Aladin

Aladin, a pedigree Haflinger and former breeding stallion, now 21 years old, was engaged in driving sports in S class when I acquired him from his previous owner, seven years ago. At that time his hoof quality was sub-optimal. Various food supplements were purchased and tried, without any visible success.

After a change in stables in 2014 and a summer of constant changing weather alternating between extended dry periods and rainfall, the hoof quality became visibly worse and deteriorated even more towards the winter months. It became so bad that no shoe stayed on so that the farrier – regrettably – he saw himself forced to switch from shoeing to bare hooves. The experiment failed miserably. Aladin reacted with laminitis from overloading. Fortunately he recovered quickly after treatment at the vet clinic.

When I finally found the ideal stable for us in 2015, with excellent conditions and superb feed quality, his hooves slowly became better. After an ample amount of time it was possible to apply horseshoes.

The summer of 2017 again brought erratic weather conditions with extended dry periods alternating with very long phases of abundant rain showers. So, in spite of a good diet, the hoof quality started to deteriorate once again. It also became apparent that Aladin lost his feathering and the flowing coat became thinner. The hoof walls crumbled and the horn felt powdery.

By chance, I met a former stable mate who had been working for a few years as a barefoot therapist. She recommended feeding Farrier’s Formula Double Concentrate and advised me to contact Life Data Labs. After sending them recent photos of Aladin’s hooves I phoned Life Data and we discussed further proceedings.

I was aware of the long, rocky road laying ahead of us, considering the fact that it takes a hoof a year more or less to re-grow from top to bottom. We started feeding Farrier’s Formula Double Concentrate and a daily treatment with Farrier’s Finish. In wet weather I worked on the deeper holes with Life Data Hoof Clay twice a week.

 Aladin’s hoof quality has been improving significantly compared to the situation before. We also were able to detect another pleasant side effect: on time with the solstice Aladin began changing his coat. The newly grown fur is shiny and healthy looking. His feathering has also grown, as well as mane and tail. Regarding the hooves we continue to be patient, it is worth the wait.

Mrs. Voss

Bad Lippspringe


Farrier's Formula® Double Concentrate

Farrier's Finish®

Life Data® Hoof Clay

Aladin Before

Aladin After





Karen L. - 30+ Years with Farrier's Formula®


Farriers Formula Horse

 Life Data has been in my life for as long as I can remember, at least 30+ years. I started using it on the recommendation of a friend who worked at a large dressage farm in New York state. I had a horse that had White Line issues and could not find anything that helped.  I started using Farrier's Formula,  I could watch the growth by the ring on his hoof as it grew.  It took over a year, but he had a strong healthy hoof when it was all done. This is what really got me hooked on this product. Every new horse I have bought since that time has been given this wonderful supplement. The strong hooves, fabulous hair coats and overall good health of my horses have been due to Farrier's Formula and good quality feed and hay. Proper ratios of amino acids are a key factor to this product, without it you are just wasting your money. 

I just imported a gelding from the Netherlands and Farrier's Formula was waiting for him when he got to the barn.  With all the stress of the travel and changes in feed/hay I wanted to give him the best possible start here is the US.  My farrier has checked his feet out and asked if I had started him on it.  My reply was “Oh, yes”.  Tom is an advocate of your product as well and sees the benefits  when his customers use it.  

I have recommended this product to so many people and will continue recommending it as long as Life Data Labs keeps making it.  Please don’t stop!!!

Karen L.

Fruitport, MI


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