Ken Riding his Dutch Warmblood

Ken J.

"Farrier’s Formula has done everything it is promoted as for my Dutch Warmblood.

Finnegan had really bad feet, especially his front left. The farrier at our barn did a great job stabilizing the situation, but the major crack persisted.

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Bandaged Hoof

Jean C.

"I went out to feed my horses December 14, 2020 around 4 p.m. since it gets dark by 5. I fed quickly but noticed that one of the geldings, Colter, didn’t join his herd mates for dinner. A quick glance around found him at the water trough. As he turned to come to the group, I noticed he was favoring one front leg and as he approached, it was obvious why. His left front leg from the knee to the hoof was a bloody mess. The corrals were snow covered with mud showing through where the horses congregated. The long winter hair on Colter’s leg had mud, snow, and hay mixed in with the blood. I quickly put in a call to my vet and explained what I had found. He had me take some pictures so he could assess whether to come out or transport the horse to the clinic. He immediately said to bring him in. I called a friend to help with transporting.

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Ol Raspy Testimonial

Ol Raspy Horseshoeing

"The Ol Raspy Horseshoeing family wanted to share one of our most recent accomplishments that involved using the Life Data product, Farrier's Formula. In August of 2023, we had a new client contact us looking for guidance because she had been having trouble with her horse's hooves. This is a well-taken-care-of show horse who was on supplements and proper feed. When Jed Durnay APF-1, owner of Ol Raspy, went out and met the horse, he knew that he could help this horse with the aid of Farrier’s Formula. The owner immediately put her horse on the product. Four weeks later, Jed went back out to work on the horse and could see an obvious change. Everybody knew at that point that it was in the horse's best interest to continue the product and to keep the horse on a 4-week rotation.

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Blanka Riding Horse


"Benedico has suffered from weak hooves and poor quality hoof horn his entire life.  He is a show jumper and takes part in up to 140 competitions annually. This obviously puts him under a lot of pressure! Just knowing he was feeling pain and discomfort from the poor condition of his hooves made it difficult for me to prepare and work with him daily and, as might be expected, led to lots of tears.

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