Calm Horse

Sedatives or Nutrients for Calming Horses?

The invasiveness and duration of a procedure, and the health and composure of the horse are factors a veterinarian assesses when determining if administration of a sedative is appropriate. Sedation of a horse undergoing a procedure often results in a calmer and safer environment for the horse and the handlers. However, there is also the chance of a drug reaction or a profound sedation leading to injuries to the horse or handlers. 

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Trailer Trained Horse

How to Trailer Train a Horse

Trailers can be scary to a horse that has not become accustomed to loading. Anything that horses perceive as potentially harmful activates their flight mechanism. It’s the nature of a horse to not only run from predators but also avoid being cornered – and an enclosed trailer certainly does not provide escape options. Add the trailer’s dark interior, stepping on an unnatural surface, bouncing of the trailer from the weight of the animal, and you have a potentially scary situation for a horse.

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